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剪纸英语作文 60词

Let the Chinese traditional culture is profound, deep is far stream long. Today, I want to introduce the traditional culture is the paper-cut! There are many kinds of paper-cut, such as: the window, like flowers, fireworks, shoes, flowers, door raft, bay

Chinese paper cut has a long history of over 2,000 years. It can be seen in different parts of China. Many people, no matter young or old, are fond of it.People in northern part of Chinado well in making paper cut. They cut paper into different shapes,

原发布者:阿笨和果子 中国剪纸ChinesePapercutsPapercutsrefertohandicraftsmadebycuttingpaperwithscissorstoformdifferentpatternsandpastingthemonwalls,windows,doorsandceilings.剪纸,顾名思义,就是用剪刀把纸剪出各种图形,并且

China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture. Every year, we are so looking forward to spending the holiday during the traditional festivals. They are the important part of Chinese traditional culture. But for

Chinese Paper Cut long history over 2,000 years very popular in different parts of China, young or old, be fond of, do well in… different shapes birds, animals, flowers… Where do people put Chinese paper cuts?… 要求: 1. 文中不得出现真实的

Chinese folk paper - cut art is regarded as a wonderful work in the folk realm of art.Chinese cut paper has been used as decoration in Han and Tang denasty.Acorrding to the subject,Chinese cut paper is divided into people,animal,sence and

The paper-cut is one of Chinese most popular folk art, may trace theA.D. for six centuries according to archaeology its history, but thepeople thought its reality starts the time to compare this also tohave early several hundred years. Paper-cut

I am going to have a wonderful weekend.My best friend invited me to her birthday sleepover,which will not end until Saturday noon.Then, I will spend the rest of the day hanging out in the mall with my cousin.On Sunday, we are leaving for the country

My grandpa likes cutting paper. He can make paper change into different shapes. Some of them are like animals. Some are like clouds. Also, some are words meaning good fortunate.They are very interesting. However, cutting paper is difficult for

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