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Can I borrow your ... Could I borrow your ...

may i borrow your pencil? would you please do me a favor to lend me some money?

求关于此方面的英文文章.谢谢啦! 上新浪吧,肯定有的 在英语——两 只手送东西给别人或接过东西,以示尊敬. ——伸出两个竖起的食指在身

直接说excuse me, can I borrow sth就好了

Excuse me,may I borrow your…

give sth back to return replace

sorry, i haven't. 这样说就可以了呀。这个意思是你没有,所以很抱歉。 还可以说,sorry,i can't。这个隐含了我有但是不能借的意思。有点跑题了哈

excuse me, can I borrow your xxx please? If you don't mind. 够客气了. 好心提醒你,用can. 不认识的人才用may之类的. 我本身就在国外,用may会很奇怪.

A:Can i borrow a pen from you? 我可以借你的笔吗? B:Sure,here you are.By the way ,could you lend your eraser to me? 当然可以,这给你。还有,可以借你的橡皮擦给我吗? A:Of course 当然。 这个对话体现了borrow 和 lend 这两个同样...

Dear My friend Long time no see you, I wish you and your family are well. May I borrow your computer for a week? Because I have to finish my graduation report next week, unfortunately my computer is out of order.At present I st...

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