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用CAll up造句子

1.waken 唤醒Please call me up at four tomorrow morning.请在明天早晨4点钟把我喊醒.2.telephone 给…打电话Did anyone call me up while I was out?我不在时有人打电话给我吗?I'll call you up when I need your help.需要你帮助时,我会给你打

She called up a firend just for a chatcall up英文释义叫醒,[军]召集,朝上方叫喊,给…打电话

1.The general called up reserve troops for active duty. 那个将军征召后备役军人服役. 2.The storie that call up old times makes me feel sad. 那使人怀旧的故事让我感到伤心.

您好,我的回答是:I will call up Alan.希望采纳,谢谢!

I must find out the train times(我必须查明火车时刻表) My dad called me up to tell me a good news(我爸爸打电话给我告诉我个好消息)

call me up when you are free.有空时你给我打电话.

1、She called up afirend just for a chat2、Cheer up,it wouldn't get worse3、Close up your mouse,you are so noisy!4、Clean up your bedroom5、Jean was really cut up when her husband left her.(使…伤心)6

Please call me up when you go back home.

The picture on the wall called up my last journey / trip / travel / travelling.

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