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用FirE stAtion造句

1. He panicked and ran five blocks to the local fire station. 他惊慌失措,跑了五个路口到当地的消防队.2. The new fire station is big. 新消防站很大.3. There is a fire station on Chung - Shan North Road. 中山北路上有一个消防队驻所.4. We see a fire

A fire station is a building where fire engines are kept, and where firefighters wait until they are called to put out a fire.

fire engine 英[fai endin] 美[far ndn] n. 消防车; [网络] 救火车; 消防车; 救火车; [例句]And, finally, I could hear the siren of the fire engine.终于,我听到了消防车的汽笛声.[其他] 复数:fire engines 双语例句 柯林斯词典 英英释义 百度知道


station [英][sten][美][sten] n.车站; 所,局; 身份; 电视台; vt.配置,安置; 驻扎; 例句1 Madrigueras station was a seething mass of soldiers.马德里古埃拉斯车站到处都是士兵.2 There were many forms to be filled out, and the

乘地铁都有提示的:The next station is xxxxxx(站名),please get already for your arriving.

是用这些词组每一个造一句吗? 1.I just want to be a doctor in the future! 2.A tortoise can live to more than one hundred years old. 3.I think that China will be the top one in the world in 100 years! 4.Lucy always do part-time job in her free time. 5.Look,

1,He rushing into the room,his face was covered with sweat.分词独立结构作状来语2Having known she would soon get over it,we didn't worry too much.现在源分词的完成bai式作原因状语.1.We were frightened by the explosion,so we telephoned

We must not play with fire near a gas station.

Very interesting is that, 很有趣的是, in the green post office is on the side of the red fire station. 在绿色的邮政局旁边就是红色的消防局.

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