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用thAnks to造句

thanks..to .. 意思是:幸亏, 多亏, 由于Thanks to I had tied then the safety belt.幸亏我当时系上了安全带.绝对正确,望楼主采纳:-)

thanks to:由于,幸亏 Thanks to your explanation , it's clear to me now. 经你这么一说, 我心里就透亮了.

thanks to your help,my maths has improved a lot.

Thanks to God!Thanks to your help,I could come through in such a difficult condition.多亏你的帮助,我才能从这么艰险的境地中走出来.哦耶!不用谢!

如下1. Thanks to your donation, we were able to get through the disaster successfully. 多亏了你的捐助,我们才能成功地度过难关.2. Thanks to my wife, I can focuns on my research now. 多亏了我的妻子, 我现在才能集中尽力做我的研究3.

thanks造句1. many thanks for giving us so much help.谢谢你给了我们这么多的帮助.2. please shut the door after you leave, thanks.走时请关门,谢谢.

Thanks to her help, l got out of trouble.

Thanks to your helping me ,I finished my homework on time.

没有thank to sb.的说法感谢某人的句型一般有:thank you.thank you very much.thank you for.thanks.thanks a lot.you are so nice/kind to help me with.I appreciate that you.It is kind of you to do.

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