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accepted KK: [] DJ: [] a.1. 公认的 以上结果由 Dr.eye译典通字典 提供

acceptedadj.一般承认的, 公认的acceptedadj.(形容词)Widely encountered, used, or recognized:公认的,可接纳的:经常碰到的、使用的或接受的:“an aura of dismal monotony, an accepted tedium of both journey and season”(John

generally accepted accounting principles 公认的会计原理,公认会计原则 [例句]for the rest , he says , the benefits of switching from america 's generally accepted accounting principles are minimal and will not justify the costs.他说,至于其他的,从美国公认会计原则得到的好处是级微的,而且资产得不到证明.

challenge accepted接受挑战双语例句 1.Challenge accepted, I strapped myself into the harness of a tandem glider with instructor Jon Thompson. 我接受了这个挑战. 我和我的指导者乔恩汤普森一道,用绳子将自己绑在牵引式滑翔机的后方.

accepted英 [k'septd] 美 [kseptd] adj.公认的;可以接受的v.接受(accept的过去式及过去分词)

get sth done 这个accepted是过去分词,因为get 和sth 之间是被动关系,过去分词表被动

acceptedadj.公认的; 可以接受的v.接受(accept的过去式及过去分词) He went through a period of wanting to be accepted. 有一段时间他很想被人接受.很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步如有问题请及时追问,谢谢~~O(∩_∩)O

accepted by 被委任人签名;验收方例句筛选1.To be frank with you out idea wasn't accepted by the boss.坦白跟你说,我们的主意没有被老板知道.2.Peter applied for master programs in several major universities and hoped hewould be accepted by one of them.彼得申请了几间有名大学,希望能被录取就读硕士学程.

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