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CommAnD thAt sB造句

Teacher command me that stand up

Our teacher commanded that we should listen to the teacher carefully.

The general commanded his men to attack the city.将军下令部下攻城.


改变以后,句子应该不一样了吧,have a good command of是精通什么什么的意思,改成command以后要用虚拟,就变成命令,推荐,要求的意思,request也同理


Reported requests and reported commands

如果把command当成一个名词例如:He gives a command to me that I should eat breakfast. 就是名词性引导定语从句.

have a good command of sth.对……有很好的掌握He has a good command of French.command sb. to do命令某人做某事He commanded us to fire.

1.be suid to(据说)it is said that this vase is an antique.据说这个花瓶是个古董.2.a number of(一些)there ia a mumber of shoes here for you to choose.这里有一些鞋子供你选择.3.according to(根据)your project is right according to those

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