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Cooking Is Fun Why is cooking fun? Here are two reasons. First, it is a good way to show my love to my parents. Both my parents are very busy. So when I come back home early, I'11 cook for them. After they return, we sit together and enjoy the

Travelling is fun.I always travel everywhere all over the world to find the interesting things around this place.I love buying souvenir or taking photos of every second and every minute.The time tickle by,the place change fast.I had been to a place twice,

Going shopping is fun I like going shopping very much!Because it can make me happy and relax.The supermarket is very large,There are all kinds of things.I can buy what I want to buy.I often buy some junk food.Maybe it isn't for my healthy,But I like it

您好,我是田老师,很高兴为您解答.Reading is fun Reading is fun. You can enjoy reading while sitting alone in your room.You can read a book anywhere.You can learn more knowledge from books.I like reading very much. Because it brings

Today is sunday.My family and l are going to the park to have a picnic.Look!The sun is sinny and the flowers are beautiful,they smell nice,the trees are tall and green,the birds are singing,the sky are blue.We are having a picnic.I'd like to eat some

答案应该是what,因为后面修饰的中心词是fun,chatting on line是主语,希望你会采纳!

首先:作文字数?其次:大概什么年级?与游泳有关的词汇包括:swimming natation bathing swam swum have a swim take a bathe have a bathe形容开心的词汇:to feel happy to have a great time to make fun of somebody interesting fascinating amusing rich as good as a play divertingness get into the groove yippee cheeriness be in the groove.最后:怎么开心?有朋友家人陪伴,有欢声笑语.

picnics are fun last weekend,three of my goodfriends and me went pncnic together,and we spent a good time there. early in the morning,we got off at the school gate,and took a bus to a beautiful park.we brought bread,Hamburgs,sandwiches,

swimming is fun swimming is such fun thing that i like it very much. because swimming is a good way to relax and also keep us healthy. when you swim, you can not only keep fit , but also have much fun in the water. especially in summer, the weather

I like reading very much. Because it brings happy.I can learn many things from reading. It can enrich my knowledge. There are so many books in the world that it is impossible for anyone to read all of them, even if he spends all his life in reading. So I

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