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go ahead with. dinner 去吃反呀 .. your plans 依你计划去做 谢谢采纳

He go ahead 走上前to ask him what happened

go ahead: 开始,前进,领先 例句与用法: 1. the building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 新桥的修建将按计画进行. 2. `may i start now?' `yes, go ahead.' '我现在可以开始吗?''可以, 开始吧.' 3. the government intends to go

go ahead:前进,例如:The police examined their car and allow them to go ahead.(警察检查了他们的车后允许他们前进).

你说的是go ahead吧?go ahead意思是,干吧,继续做下去Go ahead if you think you can do the job.

I had to give in to his demands . 我不得不向他的要求让步. My strength is pain and I will never give in. 痛苦即是我的力量泉源,我将永不屈服. Yes. We ought to go ahead now. 对.我们现在就该着手进行. Go ahead, we are all listening. 继续讲吧,我们都在听呢!

1. We must go about our work now. 我现在必须要着手我们的工作. 2. This misbehavior will go against his chance of promotion. 这一错误行为将不利于他提升的机会. 3.You go ahead and tell him that I'm coming. 你先行一步,告诉他我随后就到. 4. I want to go bed. 我要睡觉了. 5. We must go all out to win the game. 我们必须全力以赴去赢得这场比赛.

分别造句? 若是.Tell us the straight of it.告诉我们事情的真相吧. You go ahead and tell him that I'm coming.你先行一步,告诉他我随后就到.连起来造句? 若是.The general commands the soldiers to walk straight and go ahead.

1.How shall we go about the job?我们该怎样着手做这件工作?2.go ahead ,don't be fraid 别害怕,去做吧.3.let us go all out to do this让我们鼓足干劲去干吧!4.Meat and eggs are going down in price.肉蛋的

Just go ahead and do what you want to do.You can't go by what he says; he's very untrustworthy.(这里是判断的意思)i am going to go fishing/hiking/shopping tomorrow.Why don't you go for a walk after dinner?

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