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你好!Family education has an important effect on children's further development.China has an important part in the world now.打字不易,采纳哦!

We should know the important of study.

1.She did not sing for fame, it was purely a labour of love.她唱歌不是为了出名,纯粹是为了兴趣.2.She began to ask him questions: Was your father in the Baseball Hall of Fame?她开始向他提问:你父亲在棒球名人馆工作吗?3.The fame of the latter makes it a significant attraction for visitors.后者的光环使得它成为吸引游客的重要作品.

I'm always upset when I don't get any mailIf you ignore your diet, trouble will follow.Calm down!I was only kidding.Please don't be concerned about me.Walk the dog after finishing your homework, ok?My new trousers are too looseIt's important to get along with your classmates.They have fallen in love with each other.

a bit of 有一点:there is a bit of a scholar.这里有一点墨水a few of 有些:a few of them know it.他们当中有少数人知道那件事.a kind of 一种:this is a kind of oil.这是一种油a little of:know a little of everything.什么都懂一点a lot of: she plays a lot of

technology is improving day after day. 希望这对你有帮助,欢迎追问,谢谢!

2I am good at learning English.7It's important to study.8I always speak slowly and loudly to my grandma.9I need to study well.10No one is the best.11It's important for us to sleep enough.12I work hard13I always go sightseeing.14I always take my family around.15" Don't be late!" My teather said.O(∩_∩)O~

The public never had faith in his ability to handle the job

1. lead alife 造句We lead a quiet life in the country. 我们在乡下过着安静的生活.I've always wanted very much to lead a moral, useful, and active life. 我一向非常想过一种合乎道德,有益的和积极的生活. He resolved to lead a better life in future.

怎么用?很简单!XX have an important eftect on -- 意思是“xx 对--有很大影响”,XX have an important part in -- 意思是“在--里,XX扮演/充当了很重要的角色”Family education has an important effect on children's further development.家庭教育对于孩子日后的发展有很深远的影响China has an important part in the world now.如今中国已在世界上占居了一个很重要的位置.

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