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millions oF造句

there are millions of people in the city.(这个词组的意思的数以百万人,和一般数词造句一样的方法)

there are millions of stars in the sky.they have planted millions of trees in the past ten years.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

成千上万的…,无数的…; [例句]He helped energize and mobilize millions of people around the nation他帮助激励和动员了全国数百万人.

8-kilometer-long与8 kilometers long的区别并造句前者为一个单词,来做形容词修饰其他.如:it is a 8-kilometer-long run后者为一个词组如:He has run for 8 kilometers long..millions of与数字+million 的区别并造句前者组合词组,表示许多:there a

Millions of people in the country become the rich.

There are millions of books in our library. millions of 表示数以百万计的,其后跟名词复数,如果是5百万本书,就是5 million books, million后不加s也不加of

he made a bid of one million for the house.他为这幢房子出价100 万.

用consist of造句 consist of包括;由…组成;由 组成1、The division will consist of two tank companies and one infantry company 这个师的组成部队将包括两个坦克连和一个步兵连.2、The lungs consist of millions of tiny air sacs. 肺由数百万

惯用法问题.习惯上,可以说many thousands of,many millions of等,不说several thousands of或several millions of.(several thousand 或several million后面直接跟名词,thousand 和million等不用复数,也不用of,但后跟代词要用of;或者用thousands of,millions of直接跟名词或代词,前面不用数字或several.)

1.today is as cold as yesterday. 2.it happend to him that the dog is his. 3.i have millions of dollors in my pocket. 4.i don't want bread any more. 5.i am surprised to see him in tha park. 6.he watched the film in surprise.

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