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整个经历都是恐惧. (经历完全被恐惧充斥.)

The most clearly最清楚/最清晰/最明显例句;1.Bill reads (the)most clearly of all the students.在所有这些学生中,比尔读得最清楚.2.The most important is clearly our troubles in defence.首先很清楚的是我们的防守.3.That region was the most


My hobby is playing basketball,fottball and so on.The favourite is playing football.Though I can not play it very well,I like the feeling like this,may be I like the feeling such as perspiring.I am disappointed with the chinese football team,but after all it is our

先说probable和likely吧,前面所加的most只表示一个程度副词而已,表示很大可能上的意思在高中英语中,多次出现有关probable和likely的用法,均可表示“可能的”,但其确切含义和具体用法不尽相同.请看下面的区别:一. probable表示有


Most of all, I am the only child in my family. Parents need me to take care of them. So, I will come back to China as soon as I graduate.怎么翻译?谢谢!


Most into lead o.k.? Remember me, I am your former students, you are in my heart, you are the best teacher, who is the most strong, teacher, I hope you continue to do more of the teacher. Finally I wish the teacher career advancement, physical and mental health. And together we bless asiad


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