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paid for

同意句是:He paid some money to the shopkeeper.很积极吧,第一个回答的,LZ上分吧

应填paid for才对,是过去式

have been askedshopkeepers是复数,要用复数形式的动词,而且是被要求,用被动语态for months 几个月以来,前面用完成时

1.It takes to play2.spent 10 yuan on the shopkeeper3.buy dictionary for you

sell sth to sb 把某物卖给某人如:The shopkeeper sold the pen to mebuy sth from sb 从某人那里买到某物如:I bought the pen from the shopkeeper

1 The little girl ( paid 10 yuan to the shopkeeper ).2 When will you ( return my books to me )加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

The man gave the shopkeeper the money for the cake. give sb sth= give sth to sb ( 某物sth不能为代词it/them)

simple [形容词] 1. 简单的it's quite simple 这很简单it's a simple matter to change a wheel 换轮子是件简单的事2. 朴素的; 简朴的3. 原始的4. 普通的her parents were simple shopkeepers 她的父母是普普通通的小商店店主I'm a simple soul 我是个单纯的人5. 智力低的6. 显而易见的

1.She pays some money to the shop owner.2.He was me to favor greatly3.He raised some to suggest him the son4.He sold has possessed his book to me5.She has demonstrated her new

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