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I am crazy about music. 我对音乐很疯狂


I go swimming twice a week.I watch TV once a day.they go to the dentist six times a year.he does his homework everyday.she often does housework. I'm swimming now.It's eating its bones now.She's watching TV now.They're playing football now.He

主语+be(was,were)+其它:1 造句:I was tired.一般疑问句:Were you tired?答句:Yes,I Were./No,I weren't.2造句:I am bored.一般疑问句:Are you bored?答句:Yes,I am./No,I am not.3 造句:I am doing the dishes.一般疑问句:Are you doing

1.What is your mother doing at home?2.Paul is watching TV with her parents at night .3.What is your brother doing in the living room ?(应该是is吧,你好像打错了)4.What a beautiful flower !求采纳,不懂可以追问

there is1.there is a table in my room.2.there is a bed in my bedroom.3.there is a pen in my pencilbox.4.there is a pencil in my pencilbox.5.there is a ruler in my pencilbox.there are 1.there are some boys in the classroom.2.there are some girls in the

1、一般现在时:一般疑问句:dose she go to school by bike?肯定句:she goes to school by bike.否定句:she does not go to school by bike.2、一般过去时:一般疑问句:did you finish your homework yesterday?肯定句:i finished my

1.I am watching TV right now. I watches TV every day. 2. I am going to the church now. I go to the church every Saturday. 3. I am eating a hamburger. I eat a hamburger every morning. 4.He is playing the video game. He plays the video game every

参考答案:一般将来时两种造句(各3句)I will go shopping tomorning . 我明天将去购物.2.You won't be success unless you do a lot .你不付出多,就不会成功.3.Will you play football this week? 这星期你去踢足球吗?一般现在时(3句)1.He

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