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why not后面加动词的什么形式什么

why not后面加动词的原形形式。 why not +do ; 比如:Why not take a bus? Why don't +人称、谓语。 比如:Why don't you take a bus? why not 在口语中的四种用法: 1. 表示同意或赞成,意为:好的;可以呀;为什么不可以呢。如: A:May I go...

why not 后面加动词原型, 如:why not go to the park? why don't 后加句子,人称代词在前, 如 why don't we go to the park? ~O(∩_∩)O

why not 后面加动词原型,如: Why not have it out with your critic, discuss the whole thing face to face? 为什么不和批评你的人讲个明白,面对面地把整件事情谈一谈呢? why not go to the park? 为什么不去公园呢? 拓展材料why don't 后...

你好,why not 后面加动词原形do, Why not do.......?= Why don't you do......? 都是表建议,为什么不做....呢? 精锐老师祝你学习进步。

Why not do sth = Why don't you do sth 1、你为什么不。。。(?) 2、你。。。怎么样?(表示提议、劝诱) Why don't you introduce her to your parents? 你为什么不介绍她给你父母? Why not come and see me tomorrow? 明天来找我怎么样(好...

Why not: (+动词原型)意思是:为何不....(用来提建议.) why not +do ;比如: Why not take a bus? 为何不乘坐公交车呢? Why not go out and see if there's some place we can dance? 为什么不出去看看是否有我们可以跳舞的地方? Why not ret...

Why not do sth 用动词原形 相当于 why don't you do sth 如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢


Why not 后面加动词原形常常用来提出建议或邀请对方,当然也可表示说话人也参与这一动作。还可以用Why don't you (we)来表示建议或邀请,这时是建议说话人和对方共同进行此动作。 Why not go shopping this afternoon? 今天下午 逛街 去吧?(建议) ...

都跟动词原形 Why not do sth. = why don't you do sth. 为什么不做某事 如: Why not have a cup of hot water. = Why don't you have a cup of hot waterh. 有不明白的地方再问哟! (*^__^*)

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